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  • Do you have Supra access?
    Yes, I can enter on Supra! Since I am an affiliate HAR member, not a licensed Realtor, there is one extra step for me to enter the property, which is the CBS code. A CBS code is registered to every Supra box and can easily be obtained through the eKEY app. You can see step by step instructions on how to do this here.
  • How do I prepare my property?
    I have put together a list of reccomendations to help your property stand out! You can view the list here.
  • Do I meet you at the property?
    We are fully self sufficient and don’t require client attendance, but you are more than welcome to be involved in the process as much as you like.
  • When will I receive my files?
    We have a very quick turnaround time, so you can typically expect your files to be delivered 1-2 days following the shoot, depending on which service you booked.
  • How soon can we schedule?
    We can schedule right now! I will check my availabilty for my next available spot and we will get you booked! My next availability can vary between the next 30 minutes or a few days so contact me ASAP!
  • Do you offer a bulk discount?
    Most of the time, yes! Let's chat and discuss what I can put together for you!
  • What services do you offer?
    I currently offer real estate photography, editorial photography, videography, aerial, matterport, virtual staging, twilight/dawn photography & videography, and other marketing collateral upon request. You can view my services here.
  • How much do your services cost?
    The cost of my services vary depending on square footage, how many images are needed, and on the service type itself. You can view my services here.
  • Where can I see some of your most recent work?
    I have a portfolio of my most recent work located here on my website that I update almost every week! You can find the portfolios here.
  • What area are you based out of? Are you willing to travel?
    We are currently based out of Houston, Texas. We've had the privelage of traveling to numerous other cities and states. Every shoot that requires travel outside of a 30 mile radius (60 miles there and back) has custom pricing, so if you are interested in booking a shoot with us that may require some travel, let's chat!


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