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If you're a realtor, in almost every case, the first impression your listing makes to any buyer, will be online. Photos and videos are the key to getting more views on the MLS platform, creating more showings. When you really think about it, professional photographic material will initiate the ripple effect that leads to multiple offers on your listings AND closings that are over the asking price! This means, more commission for yourself, and more return of investment for your client.

If you are a builder or designer, potential clients will look at your portfolio before even considering inquiring with you.

quality > quantity

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Josh started this company in 2015. Although he has grown his team, he still does shoots everyday and loves serving all of his clients, both new and old.

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Matt joined the team in early 2021. He has an incredible eye and passion for this type of photography. Matt has had his real estate license since ____ and enjoys networking through his work here at Josh Gremillion Photography.

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Nolan joined the team near the end of 2022. He learned the skills very quickly and ____________

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Miranda, Josh's wife, helps with just about anything from scheduling, training, marketing strategies, branding, and more.

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